Superior Touch® 13-gauge Knit made with Dyneema® PU Palms

Polyurethane palm coating
Manufacturer: Superior Glove

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Cut Proof Level 2 ProtectionPuncture Resistance Level 3 Protection
These cut-resistant gloves are part of Superior Glove’s new product line: the TenActiv™ Series, featuring gloves knit with high-tenacity composite yarns that are designed to meet a range of applications, all at a great price. These hi-viz gloves are rated ASTM cut-level 2 to combine cut protection and great tactile dexterity. The addition of the polyurethane coated palms provides grip and boosts puncture resistance, all without adding bulk or reducing touch sensitivity. Gloves are made from 13-gauge high-visibility TenActiv™ yarn, which is a high performance filament that is lint-free and stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Great for jobs that require minimum product contamination by the gloves, such as circuit board assembly.