A new corporate image for PR Distribution

The PR Distribution family is proud to present its new corporate brand.

To support its growth strategy, PRD needed to revamp its image and bring it up to date. It was important for the company to keep a strong reference to the logo adopted in 2000: the main features of the iconic head were retained.

It marked the biggest change to the “head” logo since its creation 20 years prior.

Evolution of our logo since 1976

While the company hasn’t changed its name PR Distribution, the acronym “PRD” helps raise brand recognition and facilitates marketing. Thus, “PR Distribution” and “PRD” are interchangeable and equally valid. In fact, in the early days of PR Distribution, the three-letter acronym was used in logos. It is then a strong comeback for “PRD”!

Our business cards PRD car wrap Promotional items

The brand identity

This new emblem incorporates the human aspect of business relationships at PRD and reflects the desire to be more authentic, more united, and more leader than ever in the industry. The revamped image confirms the company’s commitment to its customers and positions itself as a benchmark in integrated inventory management and provider of maintenance, repair, and operational supplies (MRO).

As the president Guy Lord points out: “This image is a new era characterized by a succession that is ready to face new challenges. It is a modern approach that evokes growth and promotes innovation and adaptability.”

Primary and secondary PRD logos Slogan on green background

Fresh and welcoming, our green is a subtle nod to our heritage and propels us into a bright future. Green is a color that brings to mind nature, it represents the human side and the authenticity of our relationships. It also speaks of growth, youth and optimism.

To promote sustainability and responsible business practices, the deployment of this new image begins mid-September 2020 and will continue gradually over the coming months and next year.

About PR Distribution

Founded in 1976, PR Distribution is a leading provider of maintenance, repair, and operational supplies, tools and equipment to the MRO industry.

The three-generation Canadian family business is constantly growing and now employs nearly 100 people with an active sales team in Eastern Canada.

PRD’s vision is to be a benchmark in the Canadian market for integrated inventory management, recognized for its customer solutions and quality of service.

COVID-19 Update (24 Mars 2020)

To Our Customers, 

This is to inform you that PR Distribution is Maintaining Its Operations in these difficult times. Being an important distributor in the transport industry as well as in social services, we must continue to support our clients' needs. Based on our understanding of the government's new measures, we are on the list of priority services and activities. Those same clients are essential to our survival as their services will continue to face even higher demands in the future.

The safety of our customers and our team members is our top priority. Our internal employees and Account Managers on the road are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our customers and are following best practices from public health authorities including enhanced sanitization and health and safety protocols. 

  • In our facility, those measures include the following: 

  • Regularly disinfecting our workstations; 

  • Frequently washing our hands; 

  • Maintaining a one-meter distance between employees; 

  • Staggered lunch and break times; 

  • Working from home; 

On the road, every Account Manager that visits our clients are equipped with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Our sales force has received strict procedures to follow when visiting a client: 

  • Our sales representatives are washing their hands upon arrival to a client’s location and before they leave; 

  • They are not having any type of physical contact with others; 

  • They are keeping a one-meter distance with others; 

  • They are disinfecting all their work tools, each day. (phone, computer, tablet, car); 

  • They are staying away from break rooms and lunch rooms; 

  • They will also respect the special demands our clients may have concerning protective measures; 

We have also implemented procedures to enable order taking by our clients in the event our sales force would not be allowed on our clients’ location.  Although more and more of our clients are restricting vendors and supplier visits, we are still trying to provide the same level of service PR Distribution is known for. For now, here  are your order taking alternatives:

  1. Prior to a visit, our sales force will provide a ‘’health declaration form’’ for your files; 

  1. Our sales force will contact you by phone and/or by email to schedule a ‘’virtual visit’’ with him at your most convenient time and/or suggest more options; 

  1. Online orders and quotes can be found on our website: 

  1. We can also prepare a report of your most frequently used items to help you decide what to order. You can then send that reviewed list back to your account manager or to our head office with any other products you might need; 

The whole PR Distribution team is extremely proud to support our guardian angels. Doctors, nurses, hospital workers, health workers, trucking companies, truck drivers, delivery companies, grocers, pharmacists and everyone who is doing their best. 

We thank you for your continued support and partnership.

Important Message from PR Distribution (Covid-19)

Dear customers,

Your health and the health of our staff is our priority. We invite you to take care of yourself and the people you love. PR Distribution is one big family and we are here to support you in these difficult times. We are available in person, by phone, by email and also on our LIVE CHAT. However, we have taken additional steps to ensure that collectively we can defeat the COVID-19 virus.

We have made available a simple order sheet that can be filled out and sent to us via email, fax or direct online:

Here are some of the steps that we have taken:

  • All our representatives visiting our distinguished clientele are equipped with a kit in their car: masks, gloves & disinfectants;
  • Our sales representatives must wash their hands upon arrival at the customer's location;
  • They are instructed not to have any physical contact like a handshake, hug, high five, etc.;
  • Our sales representatives will make every effort to stand within one meter of our customers;
  • Our sales representatives must disinfect their work tools (cell phone, laptop, earphones, etc.) every day;
  • Our sales representatives will avoid areas where people gather (break room, dining room, etc.);
  • Our sales representatives will respect and follow to the letter the additional measures that each of our clients will have put in place with respect to COVID-19 virus;

We have also taken special measures to limit the possible propagation of this virus to our products and orders by tightening hygiene practices at every workstation of our warehouses.

What has always distinguished our company is the quality of its customer service, which is humane. Despite the extraordinary situation, we will continue to maintain what we have mastered and what makes us stand out! We are following the recommendations of our provincial government very closely and we will keep you informed if new measures apply!

Everyone’s health is our priority, and now more than ever, we need to stand together and support each other!


Industrial Space for rent!

Your business is expanding? That’s great news! The other good news is we have the premises for your expansion with quick occupancy.

We have rental spaces available with parking spots included, which can be used by many types of business requiring large areas of up to 14,000 square feet. 

Seize this opportunity to strategically position your company in the Armand Viau Industrial Park, located near major highways in the National Capital of Quebec.

Available space:

7000 sq. ft that includes 1400 sq. ft mezzanine or

14000 sq. ft includes 2800 sq. ft mezzanine

Contact us now for possible '' Turnkey '’ and quick occupancy project.

Guy Lord or Steven Lord at 1-800-463-5259 for more détails!


Visit us at ExpoCam 2019 booth #4572

Visit us at ExpoCam 2019 booth #4572

April 11, 12 & 13, 2019, Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec.

You can REGISTER FOR FREE! Compliments of PR Distribution.

ENTER Discount Code (VIP Code): PRDIST.

Register now for a 3-day show pass for FREE. Your ExpoCam badge gives you unlimited access to the exhibit hall for all three show days. You can also register at the door for $20 - cash only accepted on site.

DEADLINE: Pre-registration closes at 6pm on Wednesday April 10th, 2019. After April 10th, please register at the door.


Step 1

Click on the link below, which takes you directly to the online registration form.

Step 2

Choose New Registration, enter the required information then click Registration. On the next screen, select VIP Code then enter the VIP Code PRDIST. This allows you to register for free.

Step 3

Fill in your required information then click ‘Continue’.

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Norton Quantum 3, A Little Bark with a Lot of Bite

Norton Quantum 3

Work Smarter Without Working Harder

Norton Quantum3 technology sets a whole new bar for the performance of your grinding and cutting wheels – but with a distinct advantage to the user. These aggressive wheels are specifically designed to deliver industry leading, relentless grinding and cutting action with the highest operator comfort.

What do we mean by comfort?

  • Less vibration for easier operator control
  • No grabbing or digging when used in any direction
  • Free-cutting control that boosts amperage without additional pressure
  • Gliding action through the workpiece while removing metal


All this boils down to less operator fatigue and increased grinding output – using Norton Quantum3 can have a direct benefit to your grinding labor costs. Now available in combo and cut-off wheels in addition to the original depressed center grinding wheels. 

Request a test today and feel the difference for yourself.

Request a test

NEW Norton Quantum3 Combo Wheels

How does your combo cut, grind, and bevel? Our Norton Quantum3 combo wheels have a 50% longer life and 15% higher productivity compared to the leading competitive wheel, all with the Norton Quantum3 comfort difference you can feel.

Norton Quantum3 combo wheels are suitable broad range of applications including general fabrication, oil rig building and repair, rail, container, and pipeline manufacturing.

NEW Norton Quantum3 RightCut Cut-Off Wheels

The Norton Quantum3 RightCut wheel delivers remarkable power and refined control, start to finish, so operators have smooth cutting performance to get the job done faster while using fewer wheels. The impressive cutting action doesn’t compromise on comfort as it effortlessly slices through metal. Download the flyer for more information.



Original Quantum3 Grinding Wheels

These contaminant free wheels have redefined performance standards. Test results conducted with Norton Quantum3 and competitive wheels revealed that Norton Quantum3 re moved almost twice the amount of carbon steel at five minute intervals. Experience what it’s like to work with the #1 wheel for life, speed and comfort.

The Science Behind the Design

What makes Norton Quantum3 wheels perform the way they do? Our senior research engineers give a peek behind the curtain. Download the brochure to find out more.


Impact of Poor Air Quality on Worker Safety

Impact of Poor Air Quality on Worker Safety

Health and safety managers around the globe have a variety of worker safety issues to contend with and it can be difficult to keep on top of the trends and details across the board. While many health and safety plans focus on common workplace injuries (slips, trips and falls, overexertion injuries, falling objects, etc.), many overlook the perils of other workplace conditions which impact worker safety like noise exposure and poor air quality.

Forgetting to focus on noise and air quality safety compliance can have a damaging impact – both to the workers affected and to the company’s bottom line. With an increase in the number of people spending more time indoors, indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a growing concern for organizations. 

Blog Post Featured Image

The Short and Long-Term Effects of Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality can negatively impact both workers and business owners in several ways. The most obvious and critical is the health and wellbeing of employees. Poor air quality can cause a variety of symptoms including:

  • dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath
  • hypersensitivity to allergies
  • sinus congestion
  • coughing and sneezing
  • dizziness
  • nausea

Usually, these are immediate and short-term effects of poor air quality and can be treated by reducing exposure. However, the challenge is that many of these symptoms can be mistaken for other ailments like a cold, flu or allergies. A variety of health issues as a result of poor IAQ have been identified including Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)/Tight Building Syndrome (TBS), Building-Related Illness (BRI), and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

However, the longer-term impact of repeated exposure to poor air quality can significantly impact the lives of those workers affected and their families. Long-term exposure can lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer; these effects can be severely incapacitating or fatal.

The Cost of Poor Air Quality

Clearly, short and long-term health effects impact organizations financially as a result of absenteeism/sick leave. An increase in sick days used can be a tremendous cost and the bigger the organization, the bigger the financial impact. For example, a recent IAQ report demonstrates that if poor air quality results in an additional 3 sick days per year for 100 employees, it can cost the organization over $71,000 annually.

However, the costs associated with absenteeism is just the tip of the iceberg. Employees who continue to come to work, suffering from poor air quality-related effects, are significantly less productive. A study by The National Institutes of Health reported a decline in employee productivity of almost 10%. In addition, working conditions with inadequate ventilation and carpeting (known factors in poor IAQ), can cause up to 4% declines in each variable: employees’ typing speed, typing accuracy, and proofreading accuracy, as reported by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory studies. There are also measurable declines in employees’ ability to concentrate and perform mental and physical tasks. A recent IAQ report estimates that lost productivity of 100 employees can cost the organization almost $250,000 annually.

As you can imagine, the cost of lost productivity and accuracy can escalate quickly, especially for larger companies.

Although most regions in Canada do not have legislation specific to indoor air quality, the concept (which is common to all Canadian health and safety legislation) that employers have a general duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace applies. Organizations can be found legally and financially liable for poor air quality that impacts their employees; legal claims can include negligence and workers’ compensation, among others. Costs can skyrocket for legal fees, settlements, insurance payouts, etc.

Steps to Improving Workplace Air Quality

Most organizations care about their employees and want to ensure worker safety plans are in place. However, IAQ is perhaps a more obscure safety concern that not all health and safety programs take into account. Here are some steps your organization can take to ensure safety compliance for indoor air quality:

  1. Investigate suspected IAQ problems – look for possible causes including ventilation, chemicals, and mold. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety offers a sample IAQ inspection checklist. Also, your local safety specialist can perform an investigation.
  2. Test indoor air quality – find a qualified IAQ consultant and establish a scope and plan for IAQ testing. Alberta’s Ministry of Labour offers an Indoor Air Quality Tool Kit which has a great template for evaluating IAQ consultants (pg. 45). However, be sure to hire an expert in indoor air quality testing to confirm findings.
  3. Safety compliance– investigate and comply with the safety regulations and best practices that apply to your organization’s indoor air quality. A few good places to start: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Indoor Air Quality and the Government of Canada’s Air Quality services and information. To ensure safety compliance, be sure to consult with your local safety experts and purchase industrial tools and supplies that meet safety compliance standards.
  4. Limit excessive moisture/humidity – unnecessary moisture can promote the growth of bacteria and mold, compromising air quality.
  5. Ensure air pollutant sources and dust/dirt are well-managed – these sources would include renovation-related pollutants (e.g. sanding wood/drywall), exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, chemicals, printing/copying and other equipment etc.
  6. Optimize your buildings – maintain optimal air intake flow/ventilation and building pressure.
  7. Implement a health and safety preventative maintenance program– routine servicing of equipment and building systems can help improve indoor air quality. Ideally, your health and safety program should incorporate health and safety supplies, equipment and safety workwear including respirators and masks for employees who encounter pollutants and disposable coveralls which can ensure pollutants are not brought through areas where workers are unprotected from airborne contaminants.

Clearing the Air for Improved Worker Safety

Whether in an office building or an industrial work environment, maintaining ideal working conditions for worker safety means not forgetting to place focus on overlooked areas, like indoor air quality. The costs of poor air quality in your employees’ working environment is far too high, for your employees and for your business.

Steps to Improving Your Organization’s Preventative Maintenance

Steps to Improving Your Organization’s Preventative Maintenance

by Maureen Thorne | May 8, 2018 | Continuous Improvement, Preventative Maintenance Program, Safety Compliance, Worker Safety, Working Conditions

A preventative maintenance program is a crucial tool for any organization, particularly those which centre around an industrial environment. A well-designed preventative maintenance program succeeds in achieving the following goals:
• Prevent failures before they have the chance to occur
• Keep operations running efficiently and increase productivity
• Extend the lifespan of equipment and supplies
• Reduce costs associated with equipment / machine downtime and reactive solutions (3 – 5 times more costly) to get back up and running
• Avert workplace injuries caused by poorly maintained equipment and reduce associated costs

Most organizations have some degree of a preventative maintenance program in place. Organizational leaders invest a great deal of time and resources to analyzing, designing and implementing a preventative maintenance program that will allow them to achieve some (or ideally all) of their goals from the list above.

However, implementing a preventative maintenance program is not the final step to achieving these goals. Organizations need to focus on continuous improvement to optimize and improve their program and continue to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the program and its success.

Optimize Your Preventative Maintenance Program

There are many different styles and approaches when assessing and improving a preventative maintenance program. We’ll examine two:

• Failure reporting and corrective action system (FRACAS)
• Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)

A Closer Look at FRACAS for Improved Preventative Maintenance

The Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) method is preferred by some as it is entails less planning and decision-making and can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Simply speaking, FRACAS is implemented by:
1. Failure Reporting – Formal reporting of issues, ideally through a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
2. Analysis – Examine the reporting data to determine root causes of failures and defects.
3. Corrective Actions – Determine ideal actions to correct issues, implement and test to ensure the problem has been resolved.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) to Achieve an Optimized Preventative Maintenance Program

The Reliability-Centered Maintenance process focuses on ensuring that the process functions how it was designed to function: reliably. The RCM process concentrates on three core risks resulting from equipment failures: safety, operations and cost. The RCM process requires more extensive planning and buy-in (executive stakeholders, maintenance team, etc.) and is ideally suited to larger organizations’ needs with a focus on vital equipment.

There are three main phases of a Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM) project:
1. Decision – Assessing and confirming need and planning goals.
2. Analysis – Identifying root causes of failures including equipment failure, human error, organizational strategy issues, etc.
3. Implementation/Outcomes – Applying analysis recommendations into action, including updates to assets, systems, procedures, and design improvements. This phase should also ensure that desired outcomes and goals are achieved.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has developed a world-class Guide to the Reliability-Centered Maintenance Standard.

Industrial Maintenance Supplies Play an Integral Part of Your Optimized Preventative Maintenance Program

Whether implementing FRACAS or RCM to optimize your preventative maintenance program, odds are that during the analysis and implementation phases, your maintenance team will make changes to ensure functionality and reliability and will need to purchase appropriate industrial maintenance supplies including shop supplies (air hoses, lubrication, tape, rigging, etc.), hand tools (measuring, socket sets, levels, and wrenches), safety supplies (eye protection, gloves and safety vests), and more.

Since your preventative maintenance program is an effort of continuous improvement, it is important to assess your industrial supply needs to support this program. Competitively priced, quality industrial products and supplies will help you manage your preventative maintenance program budget, which will allow you to continuously optimize to keep operations running efficiently and safely.

PR Distribution can help you find competitively priced industrial maintenance supplies to support your preventative maintenance program.

PR Distribution is happy to announce its participation at Truck World on April 19-21, 2018 in Mississauga, Ontario. Find us at booth: 1522

PR Distribution is happy to announce its participation at Truck World on April 19-21, 2018 in Mississauga, Ontario. Find us at booth: 1522
This is Canada’s National Truck Show held in the International Centre.

The meeting place for Canada’s trucking industry with everything trucking: equipment, innovations, connections, solutions. Featuring over 500 exhibitors, new products showcase, VIP breakfast, job fair, Highway Star of the Year, and hat day. Truck World takes place at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON.

AVOID LINE UPS: Register online now and receive your FREE PASS compliments of PR Distribution,
Enter VIP code: PRDIST

Be part of it and register today at:

Truck World 2018 Video

Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter, Turning your winter ECO green

Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter is a powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surfaces it is applied to and harmless around children and pets. This icemelter was designed for the organically inclined.

  • Gentle on the Environment
  • Harmless around children and pets
  • Fast acting & powerful to -29°C ( -20°F)
  • Safer on concrete
  • Cost effective green color
  • Anti-corrosive formula

All Natural Ingredients:
Arctic ECO Green® is made from all natural wholesome ingredients. Each granule is comprised of several components with the use of a unique multi-layered coating process, making this product much more e¬ffective than common blended products.


Gentle on the Environment:
Arctic ECO Green® contains minerals that are essential to human life, making it gentle on the environment, and its eco-systems. It contains potassium, a required nutrient for plant life, making it less harmful to vegetation.

Inoffensif pour les aenfants et les animaux  

Harmless Around Children & Pets :
Arctic ECO Green® is safe to use around children and pets. Gloves are not required. The product does not contain any calcium chloride so it will not burn the paws of pets as they walk on it. WHMIS exempt in Canada. OSHA exempt in USA.

Action rapide et puissant a -29C   Fast Acting & Powerful to -29°C (-20°F):

Arctic ECO Green® is extremely powerful due to its synergistic formulation. Each granule is multi-layer coated, with all the components working together in unison to quickly and e¬ectively melt away the ice.

Securitaire sur le béton  

Safer on Concrete:
Arctic ECO Green® does not chemically a-ect quality air entrained concrete or treated wood. It helps to keep the ice melted longer than other icemelters which assists in the prevention of damage to concrete caused by the freeze-thaw cycles.

Arctic Eco Green couleur du produits  

Cost E¬ective Green Color:
Arctic ECO Green® is dyed a bright green color. This dye is environmentally friendly, and when used as directed does not stain the surface of your walkway or road surface. The dye helps the user to economically spread the icemelter in an even amount and allows the user to see where the product has been distributed. The green color helps to prevent overspreading of the product.

Formule antocorrosive  

Anti-corrosive Formula:
Arctic ECO Green® contains a two level anti-corrosive formula, including CMA. This helps to reduce the level of corrosiveness in the product making it a better choice to use on sensitive surfaces.

 Arctic ECO Green Ice Melter