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Gasketing & sealing

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515™ Gasket Eliminator® Flange Sealants

Makes flexible gaskets for rigid machined flanges with less than 0.050 in.
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5699™ Grey High Performance RTV #588-18718

(50 ml Tube) This silicone gasket maker is a one part RTV silicone that remains flexible and withstands high vibration.
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587™ Blue High Performance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

Forms tough, flexible gaskets directly on the flange. Blue.
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RTV Silicone 5920™ Copper High Performance Gasket Maker

Premium silicone for 4-cylinder, turbo-charged or high-performance engines.
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598™ Black High Performance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

A strong bonding adhesive based on Flextec® Technology with elastic properties for bonding dissimilar substrates. Black.
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Moly Dry Film Lubricant #588-39895

(12 oz Aerosol) Loctite® Moly Dry Film Lubricant is a solid film lubricant for sliding surfaces and slow moving parts.
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RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

(300 ml Cartridge) A one part, high modulus, industrial RTV silicone sealant adhesive and gasketing.
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Gray Instant Gasket High Performance RTV Silicone

Makes high performance, leakproof gaskets in one minute.
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Loctite® Dielectric Grease

Provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt and corrosion.
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QuickStix® 548™ Gasket Eliminator® Flange Sealant #588-39152

(18 g Stick) Patented semi-solid formula is ideal for on-the-spot repairs, or when a conventional gasket is out of stock.
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QuickStix® 534™ Hi-Tack Gasket Sealant #588-39156

(19 g Stick) Sealants / Dressings for existing gaskets. No mess, semisolid formula offers added control and ease of use.
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5900® Heavy Body RTV Silicone Flange Sealant #588-20166

(300 ml Cartridge) A one-part RTV silicone that has superior flexibility and adhesion. Provides instant seal.
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Superflex® Blue RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

Cures to a tough, flexible rubber. Makes reliable “formed-in-place” gaskets that resist shrinking, cracking and migrating.
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Superflex® Red High Temp RTV Silicone

Superflex® Red High Temp RTV silicone makes gaskets that resist temperatures to 600°F (315°C) intermittent. Red.
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518™ Gasket Eliminator® Flange Sealant

Forms a flexible, solvent-resistant seal that will not tear or decay.
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Superflex® RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

General-purpose, one-part silicone adhesive sealant cures at room temperature to form a tough rubber seal.
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Gasket Sealants 2 (Solvent-Based)

Reliable, paste-like gasket sealant, dressing and coating.
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Hi-Tack Gasket Sealants (Solvent-Based)

Red-colored, liquid sealant that holds gaskets in place during assembly.
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