FlexTack self-adhesive cable tie mount

Adhesive-backed Flexible mount for round & angled surface
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FlexTack is a self-adhesive cable tie mount ideally suited for routing cables along convex, concave and angled surfaces. 

At a glance:

► Flexible mount for round and angled surface
► Innovative fixing solution for low and high energy surfaces like plastics, metal, glas or paint
► Acrylic-based adhesive for excellent bond
► Wide temperature range and exceptional heat resistance

FlexTack provides a reliable fixing solution where it is impractical to use screws or bolts. The self-adhesive flexible cable tie mount provides greater design freedom offers uniform stress distribution as well as weight reduction and process optimisation opportunities. The flexible mounting base can be successfully applied to a variety of high- and low-energy surfaces such as glass, metals (including painted, varnished or powder-coated surfaces) as well as plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene. Advantages of the all-round self-adhesive cable tie mount.

It no longer matters whether a surface is flat, concave, convex or angled. The FlexTack self-adhesive cable tie mount (dimensions 28 x 28 x 6.3 mm; available in black or white) is the universal choice for a variety applications. It helps save time and reduce part diversity and can also help engineers reach their component weight reduction targets. For more information, click here: http://www.hellermanntyton.com/site/p... For more Information about our products visit our website at www.hellermanntyton.com


This short tutorial video shows you how easy it is to work with FlexTack.