FASCO® Premium

The Best Paint... Period!
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The Best Paint... Period!
Hides, Covers & Protects Better Than any other Spray Paint on the Market!

Best in Coverage & Hide
After one year of severe weathering and sun exposure, the left panel treated with FASCO® Premium shows good color retention (compared to a standard industrial enamel).

Best in Corrosion Resistance
Painted panels were exposed for 150 hours at 100°F to a 5% salt fog solution. The left panel treated with FASCO® Premium demonstrates less rust (compared to a standard industrial enamel), which proves that FASCO® Premium is the enamel that protects metal best.

Save Money
One can of FASCO® Premium replaces 4 cans of low solid brands: the lowest cost per square foot coverage.

Weather Resistance: Excellent gloss and color retention under normal weather conditions. Water & Humidity: Withstands high humidity, splash and spray. This enamel is not recommended for continuous immersion.
Abrasion Resistance: Very good
Heat Resistance: Up to 250°F (121°C) dry heat

Suggested Uses: Blowers, benches, lift trucks, machinery, metal furniture, racks, fire doors, sprinkler systems, steel sash, gas meters, bins, motors, lathes, tools, tanks, drums, piping, etc.

Dry Time*:
To touch 10 minutes
Tack free 30 minutes
To recoat Before 1 hour or after 48 hours
*At 720 F, 50% humidity, 1.5 mil thickness

Colors: Complete range of popular colors plus OSHA safety colors
Spray 454 g - 6/box


FASCO Premium Couleur

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