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Anto-Oxidant Compound GB OX - GARD OX-400

Guards against oxidation - 4oz Tube
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Electrical degreaser

Designed for fast, effective removal of dirt, oil, grease, wax and tar on electrical equipment.
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(425 gr) - Spray - Removes corrosion from battery terminals
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SP2204 - Electronic contac cleaner

(Aerosol - 283gr)Clean sensitive equipment and precision instruments quickly without temperature control problems.
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SP2302 - Electronic contact cleaner

(Aerosol - 312gr) Sprayon® EL™ 2302 Electrical Contact Cleaner is a quick dry, non-ozone depleting cleaner that removes dirt, oil, and grease from sensitive equipment and precision instruments without leaving any residue
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Electrical Contact Cleaner from TITAN

(320 gr) SPRAY - quickly and effectively dissolve and remove any oil, dirt and oxidation build-up on all types of electrical contacts
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Electro wizard™ electronic contact cleaner #SP2206

Sprayon® EL™ 2206 Electro Wizard™ Electronic Contact Cleaner is a new patent pending formula that instantly removes, dissolves and rinses away foreign contaminants from sensitive equipment and precision instruments.
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Battery terminal protector

(140 gr) Spray - Protect battery terminals from corrosion
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Hi-tech circuit cooler

Instantly chills circuits down to -620F (-52oC). Eliminates humming noise in electronic circuits caused by dust, dirt and foreign particles. Leaves no residue. Won’t corrode or stain. High delivery trigger valve.
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