5 • Bolts

Complete line of bolts, nuts, flat washers of all sizes and gauges. Available in stainless steel, zinc, black, plastic, in standard and metric. Flat washers, spring, bumper, blocking, toothed, etc. ....

CATALOG SECTIONS               
Hexagon Bolts Grade 2   Step Bolts
Hexagon Bolts Grade 5   Elevator Bolts
Hexagon Bolts Grade 8   Plow Bolts Grade 5 & 8
Hexagon Bolts Fasbelloy   Dome Head Scraper Blade Bolts Grade 8

Structural Bolts A325

  Flange 12 points countr-bor screw Grade 8
Hexagon flange bolts Grade 8   Boulons de centrage
Hexagon Bolts Grooved Base Grade 5   Bumper Bolts
Carriage Bolts Grade 2 & Shaker Bolts Grade 5   Tire-Fond

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