Amber Rustproofing Treatment

Yearly treatment for vehicles High Quality Oil With Paraffin

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Protek Amber Rustproofing is designed for yearly treatment of all types of vehicles, new or used. Oil based, using Eco-logical technology (almost totally devoid of any ecotoxic agents, for the health of industry workers and our environmental responsibility for Eco toxicity) and high quality wax. Contains high-performance corrosion and rust inhibitors, for durable rust and oxidation protection even in extreme conditions.

Protek Amber rustproofing is high-performance with a pleasant almond scent.


  • Designed for vehicle undercarriage and interiors.
  • Self-spreading
  • Highly penetrating
  • Becomes transparent after application
  • High quality oil
  • Eco-Logical technology
  • Contains anticorrosive additives
  • Does not drip, partially dries, does not crack
  • Penetrates rust and repels moisture
  • Prevents further deterioration of metal
  • Penetrates cracks and crannies
  • Year-round application
  • Does not damage rubber or vinyl
  • Does not contain recycled products that may cause contamination.

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Amber Rustproofing